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Print Listing - Jade Kyles - Psychic Intuitive & Holistic Coach

Jade Kyles - Psychic Intuitive & Holistic Coach

Psychic   in New Zealand
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PO Box 265

Mon - Fri 8AM - 9AM
Saturday 9AM - 5AM

Jade is a full time international Professional Psychic Intuitive, Holistic Life Coach and Healer. She offers her confidential sessions in person or via skype or phone & one-to-one psychic development.

I believe that we are shown what we need. For whatever reason you have been brought here.

To find out more about me and what I do please go to www.jadekyles.com

Sometimes there are times when we have questions we can?t answer ourselves. We want unbiased, in-depth honest answers to our most pressing situations. I am practical, real, down-to-earth and understand, first hand, the realities of real life. I can help.

My full reading can offer &chrInsights about the future&chr Perfect to see where you are now and where you are going. There is time for some questions at the end if needed. This type of reading is perfect to receive messages about the areas of your life as it covers where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. I can see if your actions match your intentions and keep your focus.

For a full list of my services please visit my website. www.jadekyles.com or ph me on 027 251 9300

I look forward to connecting with you

Walk in love and light

www.jadekyles.com or ph 027 251 9300

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