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Print Listing - CHAPEL87 CHAPEL87
I am Sophia rose'- A Spiritual Medium since childhood memory.
All questions, I tune in for guidance, insight, messages, intuition, with, grace of 'The Holy Spirit',ancient knowledge,scriptures and wisdom of 'The Holy Bible, The Gospel of Jesus Christ'. I am a believer and natural healer.
In my natural earthly gift of 'Matakite' (meaning:to forsee), I walk with Spirit Wairua. My Faith is endless. God, Atua.
No matter, race,creed,religion,All questions are important.
I look forward to talking and working with you.
$25(+gst) for 1x question email
$75(+gst) nz for half hour call
$150(+gst) nz for one hour call
(Divine timing rules)

READINGS by: Private phone, email, messenger private face to face, (some areas of nz are seasonal or based on groups only) group meetings, live entertainment, fundraising, crystal ball circles and fellowship, counseling & healing, fostercarer NZFFCF counseling. Will travel anywhere NZ or Global if group bookings required.

PAYMENT Confirms bookings. Invoices include gst and office bank fee

0800 829 473
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Lost Love Spells Caster In Canada,Australia,Usa +27730066655
Herbalist Healer + Love (Spell caster) @{+27730066655} Prof Aafa in Johannesburg, Canada, USA, Australia,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand.
This is the solution you've been looking for a long time now here it is at the best of time. You can contact the Prof Aafa with the solution to all relationship problems and master spell caster for the following:
(1) If you want your ex back.
(2) if you always have bad dreams.
(3) You want to be promoted in your office.
(4) You want women/men to run after you.
(5) If you want a child.
(6)[You want to be rich.
(7) You want your husband/ wife to be yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(9) If you want to stop your Divorce
(10) Help bringing people out of prison and Remove Curses
(11) Marriage Spells
(12) Miracle Spells
(13) Beauty Spells
(14) Prophecy charm and Rings
(15) Attraction Spells
(16) Evil Eye Spells
(17) Binding Spell
(18) End marriage fights Spells
(19) Election winning spells
(20) Success in exam spells
(21) Charm to get whom to love you.
Do you want to get a job?
Do u want get a promotion?
Do u want to be liked at work?
Do u want a salary increase?
Come for Nsigo Herb to fix your problems in hours.
For any kind of problem life has thrown at you ,just contact Prof Aafa will fix it forever.
Love Spells caster,Native healing, Spiritual healer, Magic love spells, lost Love Spells, Traditional healer, Astrology, Spell caster, Marriage sp

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Mon - Fri 7AM - 8.30AM

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Print Listing - Ecospirit Dating Ecospirit Dating
Are you Spiritual? Have a deep connection with nature? If holistic living, personal growth or social issues are important to you, you'll find like-minded souls here.

FREE site for FREE spirits!

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Mon - Fri 1AM - 1AM
Saturday 1AM - 1AM
Sunday 1AM - 1AM

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Print Listing - Psychic artist/medium/author Psychic artist/medium/author
I am a psychic artist/medium from the UK, also I have just had my first book published onto paperback, it is called ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRAORDINARY TALES. It is a collection of true life experiences from everyday people including myself on all things classed as paranormal.
I am now writing my 2nd book so if anyone has a story to tell and would like to be part of this next book I would love to hear from you. You can see the video of the book on youtube if you type in my name Sue Reeder.
look forward to hearing from you, with love Sue x

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Norfolk, UK

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Print Listing - Astrology Readings Astrology Readings
Live Astrology readings online and phone for NZ and Australian customers.

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Print Listing - Spiritual Seer.com Spiritual Seer.com
Raine, Spiritual Seer/Medium/Matakite - for one on one or even online readings where I record your readings and mail to you on a CD you will find your spiritual needs will be clarified for you and help you in your life. Sometimes spirit will allow loved ones to come through to contact you other times there are other things more important, I am not the one in charge, spirit is, I am just the messenger so if you need affirmation on where you are heading read my websites that includes www.rainedrops.com for further clarification.

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Gulf Harbour,
Mon - Fri 11AM - 3PM
Saturday 11AM - 2PM

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Print Listing - mysticoracles. mysticoracles.
No sign up needed. Join free and interact with the best and legitimate Psychics.

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Mon - Fri 8AM - 8AM
Saturday 8AM - 12.30AM
Sunday 8AM - 12.30AM

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Print Listing - #Money@wealth$rich Spells +27730066655 #Money@wealth$rich Spells +27730066655
Social Network Spiritual Psychic, Spell Caster; Call or Whats App: +27730066655 Spiritualist Angel Psychic Channel Guide Prof Aafa? offer Love Blessings, Marriages, Jobs, Career, Relationships, Divorce, Breakups, New Lover, Separation, Binding, Stop Fighting, Cheating Partner. Confidential, Personal Spiritual Guidance, Advice, Direction, Support and Answers Master of Fortune Telling and Psychic Spells for: Intuitive Business Consultations, Coaching for Personal Growth, Career Success, Spiritual Development, Life Coach, Celebrity Psychic Medium Readings with a Clear Perspective View of Your Past, Present and Future Life! contact me by phone Prof Aafa +27730066655 Email : profaafa@yahoo.co.za Website : https://profaafaandmamamariam.webs.com or www.profaafaspellcaster.com

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Mon - Fri 8.30AM - 12.30PM
Saturday 8.30AM - 10.30PM
Sunday 9AM - 7PM

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Print Listing - Midnight Psychic Midnight Psychic

Clairvoyant Angel Psychic.
Let me help you find insight and light about your concerns and questions
Love relationships, soulmates, karmic healing, past life messages,
soul purpose, life path and so much more..
Answers guaranteed!
Genuine caring service -only Speak with me
**Phone sessions~ avail same day 11am to 11pm
caring service destiny, love, healing,soulmates and much more.
credit cards/ Paypal
call for your session or you can easy order online

0800 957 853 toll FREE
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Mon - Fri 11AM - 12PM
Saturday 11.30AM - 11.30PM
Sunday 11AM - 11.30PM

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Print Listing - SYKIK1 SYKIK1
Animal Toteem Card Reading. Find out about your Toteem Animals that make up your Personality. As taught by American Indians.Theata HealingTM. Tarot card Readings, Life Coaching, and Mobile Massages.

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13b woodcocks Rd WARWORTH
Mon - Fri 9AM - 9AM
Saturday 9AM - 9AM
Sunday 9AM - 9AM

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Print Listing - Dreams Dreams
Here at Dreams we provide people with the keys they need to unlock the mystery in their dreams and enable them to move forward with intention, clarity, and confidence.

As Dream Consultants we help people develop every area of their lives using Dream Interpretation, Dream Mentoring, Spiritual Insights, Cards of Destiny, Spiritual Encounters, True Reflections, Name Readings, Spiritual/Stress Detox

Each person has unique abilities, skills, innate desires, dreams and passions that once revealed can propel them into a complete and fulfilled life. No matter what someones circumstances are or where a person comes from they all have dreams and sometimes they need a little help to figure out what they mean and just how to go about putting legs on their goals and passions in life.

?Dreams? has done several stints of Dream Interpretation on Newstalk ZB Radio, an interview for NZ Woman?s Weekly and over 2012 had a regular monthly slot on New Zealand?s Radio Rhema with Pat Brittenden?s ?Mornings?. They have been regulars at the Grey Lynn Festival, the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga, monthly at Wise Cicada Cafe in Newmarket for 3 years and helped head up the XP Revelations Team from 2008-2013 that provided free dream interpretation and personal and spiritual development on a regular basis.

The Menu offers a wide range of options and we can tailor make it to suit your circumstances at our venue or yours, via email, Skype etc. Please feel free to contact us at dreams@xtra.co.nz

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Auckland - PM for details

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Print Listing - beyondthestarspsyhcis beyondthestarspsyhcis
Come and check out our new psychic line. Fun and exciting new psyhcis to help guide you on love, money, career, is he or she your soul mate. Try us free. Risk free. No credit card needed. $6.00 added to your account just for sign up. www.beyondthestarspsychics.com we are hiring as well. Call us!

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Mon - Fri 1PM - 12.30AM
Saturday 1PM - 12.30AM
Sunday 1PM - 12.30AM

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Print Listing - persian medium persian medium
I AM a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a licensed private investigator.

I AM an ordained minister and perform marriages. Get married with the power and blessing of Angels from Fiona.

I AM the lead medium for a local paranormal investigation team in California and co-direct a national team of psychic mediums who assist local police in missing persons and unsolved cases.

As a Psychic Detective, I can assist in:
? Investigating Infidelity
? Finding Missing Persons
? Assisting in Child Custody Issues
? Psychic Background Checks
? Online Dating
? Investigating Fraud
? Condusting Deep Psychic Research
? Surveillance

My specialties range anywhere and everywhere from love & relationship issues, infidelity & divorce, career path, dream interpretation, goal and dream manifestation, and anything you possibly desire to learn about yourself, the people in your life, or your world.

As a multilingual psychic medium, I can assist you in:


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23152 Verdugo Dr. Ste-108
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Contact: (310)-403-9006

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Print Listing - Jade Kyles - Psychic Intuitive & Holistic Coach Jade Kyles - Psychic Intuitive & Holistic Coach

Jade is a full time international Professional Psychic Intuitive, Holistic Life Coach and Healer. She offers her confidential sessions in person or via skype or phone & one-to-one psychic development.

I believe that we are shown what we need. For whatever reason you have been brought here.

To find out more about me and what I do please go to www.jadekyles.com

Sometimes there are times when we have questions we can?t answer ourselves. We want unbiased, in-depth honest answers to our most pressing situations. I am practical, real, down-to-earth and understand, first hand, the realities of real life. I can help.

My full reading can offer &chrInsights about the future&chr Perfect to see where you are now and where you are going. There is time for some questions at the end if needed. This type of reading is perfect to receive messages about the areas of your life as it covers where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. I can see if your actions match your intentions and keep your focus.

For a full list of my services please visit my website. www.jadekyles.com or ph me on 027 251 9300

I look forward to connecting with you

Walk in love and light

www.jadekyles.com or ph 027 251 9300

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PO Box 265
Mon - Fri 8AM - 9AM
Saturday 9AM - 5AM

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Print Listing - nzpsychic.com nzpsychic.com
If you ever wished to have a psychic reading that could be fun, and extremely rewarding, come and have one with jane ! Her eighteen years of experience as a reader shines through and within minutes you will feel comfortable, as she produces answers with accuracy and ease for any 'where to from here' OR 'what should I do now?'moments. Jane has a large number of new and repeat clientele, who continue to return because they trust her answers, enjoy her straight forward approach and her sense of humour makes sure they have an enjoyable experience. Whether its business decisions, relationships, health or simply wanting to connect with someone who has passed over, you wont be disappointed. Book an appointment now ! Days for appointments are Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.

09 8323421
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44 Triangle Road
Auckland 0614
Mon - Fri 10AM - 4PM
Saturday 9.30AM - 1PM

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Print Listing - Smart Empowerment Smart Empowerment
I specialise in intuitive and metaphysical approaches to self awareness and career success

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Print Listing - Psychic Starz Maxine Psychic Starz Maxine
With over 20 years experience as an Empath and psychic guide, I have a lot of experience to offer and you can come in for a chat or email me questions, visit my link for more information, or email me directly for information at carriemaxine1@yahoo.com looking forward to talking with you

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Print Listing - Spirit Souls Spirit Souls
Psychic Tarot phone readings, nationwide throughout NZ. Over 25 years experience, genuine, positive, non judgmental & confidential. Reading in all areas including; love, relationships, health, career.

0800 477474
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Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM

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Print Listing - enchanteed psychic enchanteed psychic
I Am a Gifted Psychic with over 30+ Years of experience, I Have the gift to channel into your Past,Present and Future. I've helped many throughout the years to guide them into all sorts of Directions in life. I am a true honest psychic no Sugarcoating i am here to help you i am just a phone call away. I am Also available for Parties and all sorts of events!

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4325 maine abe baldwin park ca91706
Mon - Fri 8AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 10AM
Sunday 8AM - 10PM

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Print Listing - Sharataz Rai leading international psychic medium Sharataz Rai leading international psychic medium
SharatazRai leading international psychic medium alchemists clairvoyant Oracle mystic universal master clairaudient awakener whisperer astrologer channelling into the spirit world - appeared in all local newspapers tv radio media - Sharataz does readings crossing over guidance natural born intuitive psychic ability - past life regression and transmigration expert- past present future - accurate with times places names and dates connect with Sharataz facebook instagram pinrest Twitter whatsapp

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South Africa
Mon - Fri 8AM - 11AM
Saturday 8AM - 11AM
Sunday 8AM - 8AM

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