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Print Listing - CHAPEL87 CHAPEL87
I am Sophia rose'- A Spiritual Medium since childhood memory.
All questions, I tune in for guidance, insight, messages, intuition, with, grace of 'The Holy Spirit',ancient knowledge,scriptures and wisdom of 'The Holy Bible, The Gospel of Jesus Christ'. I am a believer and natural healer.
In my natural earthly gift of 'Matakite' (meaning:to forsee), I walk with Spirit Wairua. My Faith is endless. God, Atua.
No matter, race,creed,religion,All questions are important.
I look forward to talking and working with you.
$25(+gst) for 1x question email
$75(+gst) nz for half hour call
$150(+gst) nz for one hour call
(Divine timing rules)

READINGS by: Private phone, email, messenger private face to face, (some areas of nz are seasonal or based on groups only) group meetings, live entertainment, fundraising, crystal ball circles and fellowship, counseling & healing, fostercarer NZFFCF counseling. Will travel anywhere NZ or Global if group bookings required.

PAYMENT Confirms bookings. Invoices include gst and office bank fee

0800 829 473
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Print Listing - Astrology Readings Astrology Readings
Live Astrology readings online and phone for NZ and Australian customers.

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Lost Love Spells Caster In Canada,Australia,Usa +27730066655
Herbalist Healer + Love (Spell caster) @{+27730066655} Prof Aafa in Johannesburg, Canada, USA, Australia,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand.
This is the solution you've been looking for a long time now here it is at the best of time. You can contact the Prof Aafa with the solution to all relationship problems and master spell caster for the following:
(1) If you want your ex back.
(2) if you always have bad dreams.
(3) You want to be promoted in your office.
(4) You want women/men to run after you.
(5) If you want a child.
(6)[You want to be rich.
(7) You want your husband/ wife to be yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(9) If you want to stop your Divorce
(10) Help bringing people out of prison and Remove Curses
(11) Marriage Spells
(12) Miracle Spells
(13) Beauty Spells
(14) Prophecy charm and Rings
(15) Attraction Spells
(16) Evil Eye Spells
(17) Binding Spell
(18) End marriage fights Spells
(19) Election winning spells
(20) Success in exam spells
(21) Charm to get whom to love you.
Do you want to get a job?
Do u want get a promotion?
Do u want to be liked at work?
Do u want a salary increase?
Come for Nsigo Herb to fix your problems in hours.
For any kind of problem life has thrown at you ,just contact Prof Aafa will fix it forever.
Love Spells caster,Native healing, Spiritual healer, Magic love spells, lost Love Spells, Traditional healer, Astrology, Spell caster, Marriage sp

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Mon - Fri 7AM - 8.30AM

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Print Listing - Spiritualist Don Spiritualist Don
Your favorite TV/Radio Psychic NOW on Keen! GIVING DATES, NAMES, DETAILS AND MORE that are 99.9% ACCURATE. Don't believe me? READ ALL FEEDBACK, IT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. PLUS FREE ENERGY WORK FOR YOU (Limited Time Offer)

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Print Listing - Sharataz Rai leading international psychic medium Sharataz Rai leading international psychic medium
SharatazRai leading international psychic medium alchemists clairvoyant Oracle mystic universal master clairaudient awakener whisperer astrologer channelling into the spirit world - appeared in all local newspapers tv radio media - Sharataz does readings crossing over guidance natural born intuitive psychic ability - past life regression and transmigration expert- past present future - accurate with times places names and dates connect with Sharataz facebook instagram pinrest Twitter whatsapp

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South Africa
Mon - Fri 8AM - 11AM
Saturday 8AM - 11AM
Sunday 8AM - 8AM

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Print Listing - Psychic artist/medium/author Psychic artist/medium/author
I am a psychic artist/medium from the UK, also I have just had my first book published onto paperback, it is called ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRAORDINARY TALES. It is a collection of true life experiences from everyday people including myself on all things classed as paranormal.
I am now writing my 2nd book so if anyone has a story to tell and would like to be part of this next book I would love to hear from you. You can see the video of the book on youtube if you type in my name Sue Reeder.
look forward to hearing from you, with love Sue x

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Norfolk, UK

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Print Listing - Powerful tarot reader/native healer Powerful tarot reader/native healer
+27 67 087 1677 Welcome to Dr Ahmed a powerful traditional doctor, native healer, and online spells caster, your blessed to have meet me on this site. Give me a call for help. Chat or Call Today for urgent help call /email ,native healing ,traditional healing ,love spells, money spells, muthi for love ,Sangoma healing ,marriage spells, divorce spell,

Welcome to POWERFUL TRADITIONAL HEALER DR. AHMED a powerful Traditional doctor I Have helped many with positive results all over the world with my powerful spells, whether you are straight or gay as a powerful traditional doctor ,who has helped a lot of people, i can solve all your problems within 3-6 days if your positive with what am doing for from inside your hear and no matter what your circumstances are .my powerful traditional Spells will definitely change any situation in your life to your favor no Matter whether your white or black a powerful traditional doctor, is here for you call/whats app now on the contacts above.

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279 york ave Fernandale Randburg
Mon - Fri 8AM - 9.30PM
Saturday 8.30AM - 12.30AM
Sunday 9.30AM - 10AM

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Print Listing - the spiritual awakening dating the spiritual awakening dating
Where not just a dating site where building a community
Our site is growing fast, come and talk to like minded people and share your interests, or you're psychic experiences within our forum. And find you're soul mate, or come and make friend's Whether you're psychic, work with energies and vibrations, mediums or into metaphysics, or spiritually aware, come and find something magical! You can even share your retreats or events within the forum, or start up interesting topic, about you're spiritual experiences, too other light worker that are just starting out. whilst you're building relationships. We want this site to be unique. New members joining daily, all ages welcome over the age of
18. click the link below

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21 Nunhead Grove

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Print Listing - #Money@wealth$rich Spells +27730066655 #Money@wealth$rich Spells +27730066655
Social Network Spiritual Psychic, Spell Caster; Call or Whats App: +27730066655 Spiritualist Angel Psychic Channel Guide Prof Aafa? offer Love Blessings, Marriages, Jobs, Career, Relationships, Divorce, Breakups, New Lover, Separation, Binding, Stop Fighting, Cheating Partner. Confidential, Personal Spiritual Guidance, Advice, Direction, Support and Answers Master of Fortune Telling and Psychic Spells for: Intuitive Business Consultations, Coaching for Personal Growth, Career Success, Spiritual Development, Life Coach, Celebrity Psychic Medium Readings with a Clear Perspective View of Your Past, Present and Future Life! contact me by phone Prof Aafa +27730066655 Email : profaafa@yahoo.co.za Website : https://profaafaandmamamariam.webs.com or www.profaafaspellcaster.com

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Mon - Fri 8.30AM - 12.30PM
Saturday 8.30AM - 10.30PM
Sunday 9AM - 7PM

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Print Listing - enchanteed psychic enchanteed psychic
I Am a Gifted Psychic with over 30+ Years of experience, I Have the gift to channel into your Past,Present and Future. I've helped many throughout the years to guide them into all sorts of Directions in life. I am a true honest psychic no Sugarcoating i am here to help you i am just a phone call away. I am Also available for Parties and all sorts of events!

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4325 maine abe baldwin park ca91706
Mon - Fri 8AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 10AM
Sunday 8AM - 10PM

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Print Listing - Trisha Wren, Everything Energetic Trisha Wren, Everything Energetic
Animal Communication, Energy Balancing, and Intensive Pendulum Healing. Just email a photo; I check for physical issues, clear and rebalance energy, check diet, do healing where necessary, and ask all your burning questions.
5* on Facebook
Also, online group animal communication workshops.

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Print Listing - Sacred_Geometry Sacred_Geometry
Charming life of a real multi-generational celebrity psychic medium family

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Mon - Fri 5.30AM - 11.30PM
Saturday 5.30AM - 10.30PM
Sunday 4.30AM - 9.30PM

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Print Listing - Keltic Star Keltic Star
Believe In Your own Magic, You Are A Star
Maggie O'Rourke's services are
Mystical Storyteller
Mystical Healing Time Shows
Mystical Shows
Keltic Sound & Coaching
Light Language Coach
Keltic House Blessings
Keltic Star Healer
Keltic Celebrant
Animal Magic
est; 1999
I am Gypsy and travel NZ sharing my Keltic Magic, my services are via phone, online or in person

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Mobile online Phone Service
Base Eketahuna
Mon - Fri 10AM - 7PM
Saturday 10AM - 4PM

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Print Listing - Jill Buckton Jill Buckton
Clairvoyant Readings available in person or via skype from an internationally recognized clairvoyant with 20+ yrs experience.
Also available to entertain your guests with her ever growing popular 'psychic parties'
Courses and workshops also available.

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Print Listing - Making a Change Making a Change
Bookings Essential. Brigid is a natural Clairvoyant and Medium who reads for Local,National and International Client. She is known for your no nonsense approach and direct readings that will ensure you leave feeling positive about your future. Tools are given to you to understand your journey and how best to conduct yourself in a world that can be very difficult. Auther of three books and not for profit grant writer Brigid has lived experience which is why her clients have been with her for many years. Qualified in psychology and hypnosis Brigid understands how the psyche works and along with guidance and spiritual direction you will learn too. Readings are from $50 and Skype is available.

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North Shore
Mon - Fri 9AM - 6.30PM
Saturday 10AM - 4AM
Sunday 10AM - 4AM

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Print Listing - The Psychic Side The Psychic Side
The Psychic Side is your guide for growth and development. All of the information presented is designed to help open your mind and expand your consciousness. The Psychic Side is here to light the way on your journey through life.

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Print Listing - Spirit Souls Spirit Souls
Psychic Tarot phone readings, nationwide throughout NZ. Over 25 years experience, genuine, positive, non judgmental & confidential. Reading in all areas including; love, relationships, health, career.

0800 477474
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Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM

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Print Listing - Psychic spiritual tarot card Reader Psychic spiritual tarot card Reader
Psychic spiritual healer help and all problems in life Specialize in love and relationships reconnecting Remove negative energies help you with your career your family and your finances I have the spirit guides and the knowledge to get you on the right path please call me in the spiritual advisor for over 32 years my name is Laura I'm in the United States with you in the right path with your love One if you're going through a difficult time I can help call me 001-925- 285-0019 Laura USA help and all matters of life love life I will give you exact dates and time frames my methods offer amazing quick and permanent results finance career reconnecting with someone you love I have the answers that you're looking for are you currently looking for new beginnings are waiting to reconnect with your ex I will tell you what you need and how to guide you

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spiritual healer helping all problems in life specializing in love and relationships reconnecting with love ones
Mon - Fri 8AM - 1AM
Saturday 8AM - 1AM
Sunday 8AM - 1AM

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Print Listing - Psychic Clairvoyant Readings By Franziska Psychic Clairvoyant Readings By Franziska
Psychic Intuitive Readings By Franziska
Psychic Readings in NZ and Online

Welcome, my name is Franziska Intuitive ( Fran). I am a New Zealand based, international Psychic and Clairvoyant with 28 years experience. My readings are available via email, phone or in person.

I have been honored to be listed in The best Psychic Directory in the UK and vetted by the manager who was a private investigator before approval.

I can help you gain clarity by connecting to my intuition and my spirit guides to give you answers, guidance and peace of mind.

I look into your love life and relationships. Joint spiritual readings for couples
Your Spiritual talents and growth.
Your career and where that is heading
Business readings for existing and new projects
Twin Flame and soul mate connections
Your life purpose
Health, family and more. You can also send me questions
For online psychic readings I connect with my guides and your energy. This works much like distance healing and prayer as spiritually there is no distance and no time.

Using my intuition, my Psychic abilities (on my about me page) and sometimes the ancient tradition of the Tarot. I am able to tune in and discover what the Universe and you guides want you to know.

Email Readings and in person or by phone:

$65 for a full and detailed Psychic and Intuitive email reading
$50 In person at Fairs
$70 for a relationship email reading
$70 for a business reading
$80 for a phone reading

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#4092 24b Moorefield Rd
Mon - Fri 8.30AM - 9PM
Saturday 9AM - 7PM
Sunday 9AM - 7PM

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